Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack 2.0 – Is It Really Good?

When you first start with affiliate and internet marketing, the most difficult notions to acquire are those related to conversions and funnels. Ideally, the visitors of your web page need to do specific actions that lead to the ultimate goal, a purchase. If you don’t set to your niche marketing funnel right, very few of these people are actually going to turn into customers. This is what Mark Ling’s program promises: to give beginners a weapon for setting up funnels that convert very well.

Here is a review for you to check if you prefer to watch rather than read:

If we can believe it or not, only time will tell. For now, we can say that Mark is one of the millionaires on the web. He made his fortune with websites and businesses in a wide variety of niches. He decided to put this knowledge and experience to good use, by teaching others the secrets of internet marketing.

AffiloJetpack 2.0 is the result of all these years of doing and teaching. It is a product that aims to help any beginner come up with professional web pages and marketing campaigns. It’s clear that Mark is an expert and he knows very well what he’s teaching his students.

This is what you can expect when you buy Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack 2.0:

– SEO and keyword research tools to help you discover the most profitable keywords
– Article research packs
– Professional graphic elements and ebook covers
– Ebooks you can use in your squeeze pages
– Affilotheme, a WordPress theme designed specifically for affiliate websites

You can have your affiliate business up and running in a few clicks only. Of course you are still going to do things to get traffic to your website, but once you manage to bring those people, they are going to convert like crazy, thanks to this affiliate marketing systems Mark offers in his AffiloJetpack 2.0.

Everything is going to look professional, as the entire package has been created by professionals with many years of experience in niche marketing, web design and other areas of internet marketing. Mark himself is the living proof one can make good money online. All you need is the motivation to succeed. You also need the best tools to help you get started. Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack 2.0 is one of these tools that can ease your work a good deal, so you should definitely check it out and see what it can do for you.

Review Of Steve Clayton And Aidan Booth\’s 100k Factory

When it comes to well respected internet marketers that have been around for a while, you can only think of Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. For a long time now they have supplied top quality products that do what they say that they will. They have done it again with the 100k Factory, which offers the budding marketer great value. Everything they do is based exactly on what has made them so successful. When it comes to marketing systems, no one tests them as rigorously as these two prior to them being launched. This is why they are so successful, and marketers around the world respect them both.

So what exactly is the 100k Factory?

100k Factory is meant to be a proven way to reach 100k per year, from just four websites. It is a mix of private tools available only to members, and concise training courses. However, four websites is just the starting point, there is no reason why you cannot have more. The initial goal is what Steve and Aidan use to help get you started on your internet marketing career.

So what does the package include?

Training Courses

During the first eight weeks, you will be given access to quality courses which will get you setup with an online business. The $100k a year is achievable by those who follow the masses of business plan kits, video courses and informational PDF’s, and it is possible to reach this level quite quickly. When it comes to the 100k Factory, the 100k amount is actually a figure that they say is at the lower end of what you could earn. The training has a very easy to follow format. The videos clearly show in steps how Steve and Aidan make money for themselves. Each step is explained in detail with nothing left out. Of course, everyone will have questions to ask, and this is why an excellent support service has been set up.

What software is included?

Steve and Aidan make it clear that the private tools you get cost them around $70k. Earning 100k a year is not easy, you do have to put the work in, but the tools supplied make the job much easier to do. One of the main tools is the website builder which is what they use for launching new sites quickly. Optimization and monetization tools are available, along with content generation, and a tool for automatic posting.

Every single one of these tools is easy to use and designed for the beginner. Even if you have never touched internet marketing before, you will have no problem using these tools.

Is the investment worth the money?

The internet is full of a lot of marketing junk which is supposed to make you a lot of money, most of it is just trash. The 100k Factory is different, it is designed specifically by marketing professionals who have been there and done it. The initial investment of $2.5K is great value when you consider that what they will teach you will bring in far more than that.

SEO vs. SEM – Which is Better?

Before we put SEO vs SEM in the ring, let us understand both the systems and how they work first. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and does exactly what the term suggests. It involves application of internet marketing strategies and techniques to make a website more easily approachable to the target search engine. The idea is to make a site appear when an user searches the internet with keywords related to what the site wants to be found out for. You can understand the quality of the SEO work done on a particular site by looking at its page ranking after the search results are displayed via the search engine; the higher the rank of your website, the better. Ideally, you want your site to be on the very first page at least, if not in the top five.

Although SEO and SEM are often used synonymously, they are different terms. In fact, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a more encompassing idea that involves SEO work as well, but adds other aspects to it. The main difference between the two is the point that SEO strategies do not involve paying search engines like Google or yahoo for directing qualified traffic towards a website, while in case of SEM strategies, it is an essential step. A popular method of Search Engine Marketing is the “pay-per-click” (PPC) system, in which the webmaster pays the network that hosts the PPC campaign, on the basis of every click that leads a visitor to the target site and the amount that is paid to such services on the basis of every click is known as the Cost Per Click (CPC).

Now that we have a brief idea about the two internet marketing strategies, let us see if we can find a clear winner in this battle between SEO vs SEM.

Advantages of SEO – Though it takes time, a site which has been search engine optimized with success, is a horse for the long run and will certainly not be a pushover when it comes to competition in the market. Ecommerce sites in particular, get better traffic with a little bit of SEO work, because these sites often neglect SEO totally in favour of SEM. SEO is cheaper than SEM, since SEO techniques involve one time investment, while SEM expenses in some businesses may turn out to be too expensive to make any decent profit from the program. Finally, surveys show that the educated user prefers to click on the organic (SEO generated results) and trust them more than the ads (SEM based paid results)

That being said, SEO can be tedious if you don’t have the right tools to manage your campaingns. Using tools such as SEO Catalyst or P1 RankMe can make your work a breeze. So, don’t neglect this side of things. You can read an SEO Catalyst review here or watch this video if you prefer.

Advantages of SEM – Two of the biggest advantages that search engine marketing has over search engine optimization are speed and freedom. SEM will deliver faster results by directing target traffic towards your website months before SEO strategies even begin to do the same. Search engine giants like Google tend to change their algorithms every once in a while and while that frequently messes up the SEO strategies, the SEM campaigns are not nearly as affected. Control, freedom and speed are also further joined by better quality traffic in greater quantity for ecommerce establishments when compared to SEO work alone.


It is quite impossible for anyone to really state with absolute conviction as to which one is the winner in the SEO vs SEM comparison. However, we feel that a timely combination of both SEO and SEM in a calculated manner can lead to a more profitable online business than when choosing one over the other.

How to Make Money Online with Super Affiliate Machine

The internet is littered with several opportunities which guarantee a fast buck however; the amount of returns will depend on the amount of time one invests in any online venture and on your productivity. So make sure you make use of some of the best tools to increase your productivity such as Wake Up Productive before you dive in. Some of the legit ways to profit from the internet include:

Blogging; it requires the ability to create compelling content which can capture the reader’s attention. There are very many websites which pay bloggers for their posts such as Seeking Alpha, the Motley Fool just too mention a few. You can decide to create your own blog using the available resources on most online platforms. Some of the most common platforms include: the Google – Blogger which is powered by Google; WordPress which also provides another platform through which internet users can create their blogs. You can also guest blog.

Affiliate marketing; this is the process of earning money inform of commissions by selling other people products. To earn money through affiliate marketing programs, you need to sign up for an affiliate marketing program and sell products using affiliate links. Some companies which offer affiliate marketing programs include Amazon, Commission Junction and Click Bank affiliate marketing programs. It is important that you run your own website and it must rank high on the search engines to earn more from these programs. Closely related to affiliate marketing is the online marketing.

This is where you can leverage the power of a piece of software like Super Affiliate Machine which you can learn more about at
Here is a video review of Super Affiliate Machine you can check out:

Buying and selling domains; this is another venture which has been profitable in the recent past. It requires little investment and time though the returns are pretty good. You can also buy domains which have expired and bring back to the pool. Closely related to this is selling websites. You can develop a website, get a good amount of traffic and sell it to make profits.

Freelancing for professionals; there are 100s of websites which give professional freelancers an opportunity to earn from their skills such as Iwriter, Elance, Freelancer, Writer’s Bay etc. They provide a wide range of opportunities such as writing, engineering design, administration and support and website design just to mention a few.

Stock, forex and binary options trading; if you love finance, then this could be a chance for you to make additional income. In the three options, you need to choose a broker, sign up for an account and fund the account. You need to get the best training possible to profit from these financial markets. Each market has its unique trading technique which you have to learn. One of the most challenging aspects in financial market is market analysis and the use of various market analysis tools.

These are some of the most common legit ways to profit from the internet. There are many other methods and technique I didn’t mention. These include video marketing which requires specialized software to have a real impact such as Video Motion Pro. Do not venture online simply because you see people getting millions of dollars from the internet. You must be passionate about the kind of business you would wish to venture in. The internet is the only place you can be assured or self-employment.

Generating Traffic from Social Sites with Tools Like Crowd Source

It is no doubt that almost more than half of the population in the entire world is on social media services or is having social media accounts. Some of the common social media site accounts include Facebook, twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. This has led many people into generating traffic from social sites. Some tried even to automate this process by developing tools like Crowd Source which you can learn more about at But many people are still finding it hard generating traffic from social sites. At the end of this article, you will be provided with tips of how to generate traffic from social sites.

Here is a Crowd Force video review for you to check out if you want to learn more about this piece of software:

First, begin by creating an attractive profile for your site. Make your profile real and interesting. This is because a good profile will create trust and authority. It is the foundation on which you will build strong relationships since this will enable people to feel confident and safe to interact with you. Ensure to use real name and include your real photos and portray passion for the subject you are trying to promote.

Getting free traffic from social networks needs interacting with as many people as possible and also you should socialize. This can be done by spending a few minutes each day just interacting with other people from your social site. Do not just post content and move on.

Social media is not all about networking; it also entails sharing information. If you are able to share your best information with your network and followers, you will not only build trust and respect but also establish yourself as an expert in your place. Strive to post things which are inspiring or encouraging that will make people appreciate your dating site. For instance, you can post a story about happy couples who met through your site.

Ensure that you spend 15-20 minutes every day growing your network. You will feel frustrated when you begin as it is unrewarding work as you begin. But within a month, you will be astonished at actually how huge your network has become.

Generating traffic from social sites is not an easy task, you need to work extra hard to get traffic to your site. If you are not ready to work extra harder, you can take the option of buying your traffic. If you want to get free traffic, you can run campaigns on Facebook and any other social site that you might be having. You can also generate traffic from social sites by joining groups on social sites. For instance, you can join the groups on Facebook.

And finally, you should note that, social networks are a great way of promoting your site and they can also generate a lot of free traffic. If you want good traffic, concentrate on quality of followers and not quantity of followers. And make sure you learn how to profit from that traffic. The Profit Academy program can be of help to that matter.

How to Find The Best Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental

best-los-angeles-photo-booth-rentalMany people want to find the right Los Angeles photo booth rental. This photo booth is usually used in any events, such as weddings, high school reunions, birthday parties, expos, business events, charities, and some other events. There are some professional companies that offer their photo booth rental service for their clients in Los Angeles. Therefore, you have to compare all of them before choosing the best service for your needs. There are some important things that you should consider for getting the right company. Here are some useful tips to hire a good photo booth company.

1. Read some customer reviews

First, you may want to check some available customer reviews. You can read these reviews, so you can compare some available companies easily. A good company usually receives a lot of good testimonials or reviews from other people. This is the easiest way that you can do to start looking for a good photo booth rental company in Los Angeles. These reviews or testimonials can be read from some sources, such as magazines, newspaper, websites, search engines, and some other resources.

2. Check the portfolio of these companies

Most professional companies usually have their portfolio to show their previous projects. It is a great opportunity for you to take a look at this portfolio, so you should be able to determine the quality of your favorite photo booth company. You can compare some available portfolios before choosing the best company for your events. Most websites usually have their portfolio on their own websites and some other photo sharing sites.

3. Take a look at the equipment and supplies

This is another important thing that you have to do when choosing a good company. The company should have proper photography equipment and supplies. These items should be provided for all clients who want to install the most advanced photo booth in their events. Photography equipment and supplies can affect the overall photo quality that is produced by certain companies.

4. Compare their photo booth rental fees

When planning an event, you have to manage your budget properly. Therefore, you have to consider following this tip for choosing your favorite photo booth provider. You should compare all rental fees that are offered by several companies. Some companies may offer high quality service at affordable rate for their clients. It is important for you to discuss about your budget with some providers, so they can choose the right package that is suitable for your events.

Those are some useful tips for you who want to find a good Los Angeles photo booth rental provider in this city. There are some companies that have a lot of experience in this industry. You can contact some of them to ask about their services and packages. After contacting some of them, you should be able to compare some available services that may be suitable for your needs. Having a photo booth in your event can impress all of your guests. Most visitors usually want to take pictures with their friends or families on any events. Therefore, photo booth can be a great solution for them who want to get unique experience with their relatives.

Tips for Halloween Costumes San Antonio People Can Use

Halloween being a one day event here, Halloween costumes in San Antonio TX should be carefully thought over as it should stun and be memorable. Some residents here take it upon themselves to personalize their costumes by creating and stitching their own and those who don’t have this time will buy from stores in san Antonio who are dedicated to providing a variety of costumes for this yearly event. Another option in acquiring a Halloween costume in San Antonio TX is renting one from costume stores. This option has many advantages besides being cheaper than buying.

Advantages of renting Halloween costumes in San Antonio TX

Halloween parties are themed and as a visitor or a resident, you may not be creative enough or have enough time to whip up an original costume. The renting stores give you an opportunity of getting unique outfits at a lesser fee than the buying stores. On this renting note it is good to note that costumes at regular shops are sometimes mass produced meaning buying an already made Halloween costume creates a possibility of having several people with similar costumes. Another advantage is that Halloween being a one day event, one wants to look different every year and therefore you do not have to spend so much money on an outfit that will be worn once and then get dumped in the closet.

Tips for picking a good Halloween costume

Most Halloween events have candles to create spooky atmosphere and this means fire is a real concern. For this reason choose costumes that have flame resistant or flame retardant properties. Also depending on the theme of the Halloween party chooses costume accessories that are safe, for example in an open flames themed party, there will be open fires therefore avoid long trail veils that can accidentally catch fire as they trail behind.

People with skin sensitivities should make sure to get Halloween costumes with breathing fabrics like cotton and be wary of foreign synthetic fabrics.

Accessories help you create different looks to the same outfit saving you money of buying a new outfit every year For visitors you may not want to have too much luggage as you travel back therefore you can replace accessories such as masks with hypo-allergic makeup, which creates equally good drama to an outfit and can be easily changes to create different looks to the same outfit especially when attending different events on the same night.

Buying early gives you enough time to fit and settle on what you like most.

Halloween costumes in San Antonio TX or any other place should be comfortable and the right size for easy mobility as this is a costume to be worn during the entire event and you do not want to look stunning at the expense of your comfort. Consider the weather as you purchase a costume too to ensure you dress right.